Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Busy busy!

I know I left everyone hanging on the painting of the's the thing it is not finished. We have a habit of taking on too many projects at a time. We are actually done with the brown but not the trim which has to be painted white like our cabinets. The trim is currently off white which really just looks dirty next to our cabinets that are white white! So anyway it has been crazy Ike has been fighting sickness for a couple of weeks. After 2 doctor visits and 6 different medications...he's recovering still not 100%. Also a couple of weeks ago we ordered a shed which we are SOOOO EXCITED was like getting a new bike as a kid we were so happy! :) So we started the process of moving things out to it (or Ike did I should say)..this weekend, while I was gone and had the opportunity to lead a small group for a friend. This week has been just as busy! Ike is singing in an ensemble at Fairveiw which I am so excited about I know he has missed singing. So Monday this group sang down in Clinton. It was alot of fun... the group has lots of really nice people which I loved meeting and some great wives (Ms. Donna). Anyway I say all that to tell you things have been crazy in our personal lives not to mention work....
I have been waiting to share this with all of you...Ike got a promotion at the bank. YAH! He started at the bank last September when we moved back here. He started as a part-time teller. He quickly moved to full-time but I don't think he had plans of staying after he finished his degree but he has found that he really likes the bank. It fits him. So for the whole year he has been working full-time and going to school I don't know how he does it. So anyway he has now been promoted to New Accounts...I'm so excited and proud for him! He really is a HARD worker and very dedicated to his job, and most of all he doesn't care what that is it could be scrubbing floors and he would still give it all he has! I like to watch him sometimes at the bank he is great with customers! Anyway...just bragging on him a little cause I am soo proud!
So I think that just about catches you all up. Maybe I will have pictures of my kitchen soon!

I read back over this I know I said EXCITED alot but God has just blessed me and I am indeed EXCITED! If you know me you can imagine what this looks like! :)

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