Thursday, October 9, 2008

Adventures of Ike and Brandy

I think I should re-name my blog to the adventures of newly weds. That is what it is the first year (maybe longer)... So you guessed it here comes yet another newly wed story! Last night Ike got a wild hair and decided to shave his head. I tried to help but last time I tried it turned out really ugly. Side story of course I always have one of those---We lived in Augusta and were working 2 jobs. One was at Applebee's. So after my day job I went to meet Ike to go to work... Ike had just shaved his head and wanted me to trim up the bottom and around the ears. Somehow I missed the bottom and around the ears part and started to shave his whole head....well as you probably guard was on OOPSS! He was not happy to put it lightly. Anyway back to last night. So we get his head shaved and he gets in the shower. Well there were dishes to be done so I call my mom and start doing them. Well APPARENTLY turning on the sink (as well as the dish washer and washing machine...I've done those two already) causes the water to be cold. So Ike yells to tell me... well I hear him so I turn it off but I don't answer cause I'm on the phone so he assumes I didn't hear and turns up the warm...well then it scalded him!! He starts yelling and beating on the wall. Well then I yell to tell him I turned it off. My mom was like what in the world is going was great! Then when he gets out of the shower he hurries to fuss at me...I point to the phone and say it's my mom...he just walked away. It was soooo funny (later of course). I apologized...It's a learning process right?


Josh, Jenifer, and Mackenzie said...

Hahaha! This is hilarious! When you told him it was your mom on the phone he thought better of fussing at you! That is SO funny! He knows he don't want Mrs. Lisa after him!!

Samantha said...

yep.. it's just the beginning LOL

Kevin & Laura Drewry said...

Brandy you are hilarious!!lol!