Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Dilemma

Ok...Ike and I are both very family oriented! We LOVE to spend time with both of our families...and we truly love each others family! So last year we decided that what we would do is one year spend thanksgiving with my family and Christmas with his and then switch this year (like a custody arrangement..Jenifer says haha) However- I spent Thanksgiving with his family and he spent it with mine this year so that really throws off the plan. He says that it is my families turn for Christmas so we will just stay here and spend it with them, BUT I am alittle worried...see his granddaddy just had a heart attack and we really want to see him....ewww what to do!! It's not like we have just his family and mine we have 5 Christmas to attend SOMEHOW???? My parents, his parents, his mom's family, my mom's family, and my dad's family!!!! It's nuts! haha! We are working it out though! How blessed we are to have so many people want to spend Christmas with us!


Samantha said...

We run into the same dilemma! If only we all lived in the same town!! That would make things so much easier!

Good luck with everything. I know how tough it is because Brandon's entire family lives out of town.

Merry Christmas!!

Josh, Jenifer, and Mackenzie said...