Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Our first Christmas tree!

This year is our first Christmas together (married)!!! It has been sooooo much fun!!!! I was determined that we should have a real tree our first year at least. I forgot things such as how we would get a Christmas tree to our house when we both drive cars...ooppsss! BUT my parents came to our rescue, they meet us and picked up the tree. It was great Ike and my dad would each hold a tree for me to inspect before making a decision! :) I have great men in my life! Thanks Mom and Dad for helping us! So then we get the tree home and we get it all decorated and start wrapping presents when we (Ike) notices that the strand RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE is alot brighter than all the others!! GREAT!! So the next day we completely redecorated it....there were a few other things we didn't like. But now we have a beautiful first tree! I have had a blast decorating for the holidays! ***Sorry pics are so dark!

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Josh, Jenifer, and Mackenzie said...

Fun! I am cracking up at your Daddy and Ike holding up trees so you can inspect them to make sure you get the perfect one! :) They'd do anything for you! :)