Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Memphis trip!

A few weeks ago Ike and I were going to Tupelo to do some shopping and on the way Ike mentioned that it would be fun to go some where for the weekend and do all our Christmas shopping, he probably just figured if he suffered through shopping one weekend it would be over, either way it was a blast!!! Josh Gillis and his girlfriend Jessi, two of our friends, were running in the St. Jude's Marathon this past weekend so we got to watch that too. That was alot of fun! Both of their families were there. We enjoyed hanging out with them, and we got to have breakfast at the Peabody which was absolutely beautiful!!! Then we would have to try and estimate where we would be able to see Josh and Jessi and try to make it there before they did to cheer them on. We made it to 2 spots for Jessi and 3 for Josh...thanks to Jessi's wonderful esitmates of where they would be at certian times and Mr. Rex's excellent navigation! :) The race was extremely motivating maybe one day we will do one! they both did great and Jessi qualified for the Boston Marathon! After the race we shopped till we dropped saturday and sunday! It was soooo fun to get away and stay in a hotel!
I really have a great husband for planning this trip and for always being up for anything!

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Josh, Jenifer, and Mackenzie said...

Well, I'm not inspired to run, haha! Are you shocked!? :) Looks like yall had fun! Mackenzie would LOVE the peabody with the ducks!