Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Friends and football...

Last week I was in Denver all week for a work conference. While I was there I got to visit with my friend Sarah! Sarah and I met when we were interns for a summer in Memphis! It was nice to be able to catch up! The last time I saw her we were both still in college and single. Now we are both married and she is expecting a baby! It is funny how conversations change!
Then I got home Friday night to my sick husband! Bless his heart, Ike catches everything! He was a trooper though. Because Saturday was a big day...football season kicked off! We tailgated with 2 of my college roommates and their families! I have not always been such a huge sports fan but I am starting to actually enjoy football! Ike and I are both Mississippi State Alumni! (Actually Ike is still a student there). So we both love our Bulldogs, and they made us proud Saturday! Maybe this will be a better season for us!

Me and 2 of my #7 girls! and our newest member Walt!Jen and WarrenThe CarpentersSam and Candace stopped by to visit!
Ready for the White out game!!
This was Warren's first SEC football game! I think he liked it, and the cowbell!!

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lindsey_marsh77 said...

Hey girl! We were at that game, too! It was definitely a great day to be a bulldog! :) Hope you guys are doing well and Ike is feeling better!