Thursday, September 30, 2010

Go Mississippi State Bulldogs!

Ike and I had not planned to go to the game last Saturday. We don't have season tickets since we never know what Ike's schedule will be like, it would have been a waste. Friday afternoon Ike calls and ask if I wanted to go to the game, and since I am really excited about football this year I said YES!! His wonderful boss and her husband gave us 2 tickets! We were so excited. So of course I needed a new outfit, Ike took me to get that Friday night which was alot of fun! Then Saturday we headed over early to tailgate with the Barnette's! Good food and lots of fun! OUR bulldogs pulled out a win! We could not be more proud! :) And our seats were awesome. They were close, padded, chair backs...could not ask for more!

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