Monday, June 20, 2011

Our not so exciting weekend

Our weekend was suppose to be really exciting and was suppose to consist of White water, the water park in Atlanta, and good friends from Augusta.  However, Wednesday Ike had to go to the doctor, and it turns out he has bronchitis.  So instead we spent the weekend at home with him recovering.  Really I don't know what he would have done if we had gone because the entire weekend he was in his little cave studying.  He had his test today.  He only made a 101.5 out of a 105... poor guy.  He cracks me up with his perfectionism.  Saturday I went to a wedding shower, and on Sunday I woke up sick.  I slept most of the day.  I got for a few hours to celebrate with my dad for father's day and that is it!
I am so lucky to have this man as my daddy!!  This is us celebrating.  Remember I have been sleeping all day and Ike has been studying and you can tell!
This picture is just funny to me!  So typical us..
We celebrated Friday night with Mr. Ira.  I forgot to get pictures!  Thanks to both our dads!  We love you!

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