Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Just random

I have been dying for a coffee table for my living room.  It's a pretty large room, and it just needed something to tie it together.  My dad can build anything so I had been searching over pinterest to send my mom ideas for him.  He's a busy man though and had not gotten to it.  One Saturday my mom text me a picture of the table below.  I loved it!  It's the perfect size and shape!  They got this table for 3 bucks at a garage sale!  How is it I never find anything!  So after a little chalk paint, it's the perfect table for our room!  I love it!

A few weeks ago my friend Emily came to town to visit.  It was a coincidence that the Wilson's had stopped by the same night so we all got to visit.  It was so fun watching Emily and Connie's kids play together.  I always love getting to catch up with these girls! 

Buster was in LOVE with Emily's girls.  We are going to have to consider having him fixed.  Ike always thinks there is no need, but I think with a baby on the way there is now a need!  He's very sweet and loves on them (LOTS of kisses), but he's so hyper that he scares me.  SO I think it's time!


Marcie said...

I agree with you, I never find good deals at garage sales or anywhere else for that matter!
My sister can find the cheapest and cutest stuff though, glad I have her to do some of my shopping!
Love the coffee table!

Vanessa said...

That is an awesome find! And for only three bucks? That's my kind of shopping! It looks great :)