Monday, September 10, 2012


One day I was reading my friend Vanessa's blog, and realized they had moved to Dallas.  At first I was like oh how neat they are in Dallas, then it clicked wait a second we are GOING right through there NEXT WEEK!  So I immediately text Vanessa so we could get a plan for seeing them.  It had been FIVE years since we had last seen each other.  Vanessa and Lucas were such good friends to us in Augusta, and were a big part of our dating life and then engagement.  She even helped Ike pick out my engagement ring.  I seriously would have lost my mind if she had not been there.  I miss her terribly (especially as my workout buddy).  It was so great to get to catch up, and it was so nice that it felt like no time had passed since we were last together.  Vanessa did a great post with a blast from the past you can see it here
Somehow the only pictures we got were from the morning before we left instead of the night before when I looked decent.  :)  It will definately not be that long before we see them this time! 

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Lauren and Nick Miller said...

Yall are some travelin fools!;)