Sunday, September 16, 2012

Praise the Lord!

The Lord is so good to us! We can't say that enough, and we are sooo thankful for all you who have been praying for us.

Here is the story. After the cysts were finally gone, we tried the Letrozole for a few months, and every month the progesterone test would indicate that I had not ovulated. Since this did not appear to be working, we decided to give clomid a try for a few months. The first month on clomid, my progesterone indicated that I had ovulated!!! First little victory! Let the waiting begin!

Friday July 20, Ike gets home from work, and he asks me if I had taken a test. Of course, I had not because it was only day 29, and it was afternoon. I was certain IF I was pregnant it would be negative plus I did not need to go the restroom. So I refused, and I reminded him how it puts me in a bad mood to get a negative test. He would not let up until I took a test. At first I was like see its negative, then all of the sudden the second line began to appear. I COULD NOT believe it was possible. Then of course we stood over it for the next 30 minutes questioning if it was really a positive. We headed out to get one that was a little clearer. And it said it, PREGNANT! All these months of getting the not pregnant and there it was! It was surreal! We had a little mini party for ourselves, but knew we were not out of the woods yet. Saturday was the first day of blood work. They measured my HCG levels which were 122. Our doctor seemed pleased with these numbers but we would have a check on Monday (level was 303) and Wednesday (690), so my numbers were more than doubling every 48 hours. We were on pins and needles waiting for the results everytime I would have blood work. Our doctor seemed pleased with these numbers so that helped us relax SOME. Our first ultrasound was Friday August 3. It was a crazy morning, we were filled with nervousness and excitement! It went great. We had been hoping to be able to hear a heartbeat, but we weren't quite able to this visit, but we could see it, which was reassuring. That afternoon was the afternoon Ike and I left for Texas. On our way back when we were in Dallas with the Ward's, I started having some bleeding which stopped over the night. It was too late I was already in panic mode. I called the doctor and had our Friday appointment moved to Thursday.  I couldn't wait another night. On Thursday we went in, and I really did not know what he was going to say. I know spotting is pretty common, but with my history I just was not sure. BUT everything was great! We were able to hear the heartbeat!!! A sound that was like music to our ears! August 17th was our last appointment with our specialist. They said we were graduating. I think we both had some mixed emotions about this because with the specialist we go to see the baby every week, but they felt good about it so we were ready. We were officially 8weeks farther along than we had ever really been!

Our baby's first picture!

This is the picture we sent my parents to tell them.  We are hoping Buster is excited about this news!


The Granberrys said...

Beyond exciting! Congratulations again!

Matt and Jenni said...

Congrats! I can't imagine how thrilled you must be. I'll be thinking of y'all over the next few months!

Katie and Monroe Campbell said...

Yay yay yay!!! Our God is AWESOME!!! so thankful for you and your story and that cute little nugget :) can't wait to see your journey. Thanks for your prayers and support!

Marcie said...

Very Exciting!

Emily said...

such a wonderful blessing for sure!!! :)

The Brown's said...

Congratulations! So happy for y'all!