Saturday, January 12, 2013

Mine and Brantley's first Hunt with Daddy!

Ike always tries to talk me into going hunting with him when we are home.  Usually I remind him that hunting involves two of my least favorite things the cold and waking up early!  This time for some reason I thought it would be fun (it was an afternoon hunt though), and actually it was one of my favorite things we did while we were home.  It was just me and Ike up in a tree sitting quietly listen to the squirrels and birds.  Very peaceful.  Now it was an adventure climbing up the ladder stand 7 months pregnant and walking back in the dark with huge boots and my recent balance issue, but it was worth it!  We didn't see any deer so I may never be invited back, but hopefully that was the first of many trips.  I know it was the first of many trips for Brantley.  His daddy was already talking about how he can't wait to take him.


Lauren and Nick Miller said...

Too cute!! You will always remember that:)

Jenna said...

Y'all are too stinkin' cute!

I sent you a blog award! Check out my last post!

Hope y'all have a great weekend!