Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Pre-Christmas fun!

Sorry for the absence!  I have actually been on several times and attempted to blog, but could not get my pictures to load.  I ended up having to download Google chrome.  So we are back in business, and I have a ton of catching up to do.  I was getting sad because I have been feeling the need to document everything lately!  
So here are few pictures from before Christmas.  Ike and I love getting to hang out with people and it was nice to have a little time to do that.

First we had a little get together with some of our friends here and watched Christmas Vacation which neither of us had seen and we all ate toooo much (except Ike who was in the middle of his 24 day challenge which he did amazing on, more on that another time).  
 That same night and weekend my sister and Jason came to visit.  They went to one of their friends tacky Christmas party, and were too cute!
 The next week we had Ike's work Christmas party...

Our little Family
 This same weekend Ike's mom and Sam came to visit AND brought the rest of our bedding!!  I am so thrilled with how it all turned out!!!!  Ms. Susie did such a great job.  I will have to post the nursery progress soon!

The next weekend we hung out with the Miller's, and I didn't get a single picture.  Trust me it was fun! :)

Then the next we headed home.  Our first stop was in Starkville to spend a few days with Sam, and to meet up with a few of my roommates from college.  I love getting to catch up with these girls!  I miss them all terribly!
Sunday we headed to Columbus for lunch with the Jones'.  We had the best time catching up and playing with our little nieces!  Ike and I were sad (selfishly of course) to leave because we knew it might be a while before we see them again because they are moving to the other side of the country!  But we were also sooo excited for them, and as soon as Brant is old enough we will need to start planning our trip out there!!  

 That night we met up with what we call the Columbus crew.  This crew has grown quite a bit this year!  We always have fun catching up and have all pretty much been doing life at about the same pace so it's fun to be able to talk people in the same stage of life.  We were missing a few from the crew, but I am HOPING that we will have our annual get together this summer!

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Jenna said...

I had the SAME problem with my pictures loading, I downloanded Chrome also! AND I am starting a 24Day challenge NEXT week! Is it advocare?! I would LOVE to hear how your husband did!!! Have a great Thursday girl!