Friday, July 2, 2010

Last weekend in June..

This weekend has been on the calender for over a year! Ike has been blessed to have a really good group of guy friends. They have all been friends for years, and now the wives are all friends! We were getting together at least once a year for a wedding but since most are married now, we decided last year that we would have to plan reunions. This year was the first! We had a blast as we always do with these couples! We went camping in a neighboring town! We LOVE how the Winklepleck's camp. We were really roughing it....Breakfast time!
Our arrival... The wives that spent the weekend!The husbands... Saturday we hit the river!!Saturday night the boys cooked...
The girls talked.....
Saturday night the Bell's joined us too!! We missed those that couldn't make it! Maybe next year! Can't wait!
We really had a GREAT weekend! The Winklepleck's did such a good job planning this trip! Thank you Rob and Stacie! They do camping right!

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