Friday, September 6, 2013

Friday's food addition

Baby-led weaning VS purees?
I am in a slight dilemma with feeding my child.  I have tried off and on to feed him, and most days it ends in him crying.  Maybe I am doing it at the wrong time or something.  He seems to just want to chew on the spoon.  Is this always the case at 5 months?  I have been reading a few blogs on baby led weaning.  I'm wondering if this is the route I should take....I  need to breakdown and read the book.  He is very interested in anything we eat watching our every move.  I know he does not NEED the food now so we have been pretty slow at really getting this going.  
Here is our attempt with pureed green beans...    

and then this is our attempt with bananas...It was so slick he could not really hold on to it.

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The Granberrys said...

I'm interested in what you decide to do. I've looked into the baby-led weaning, but the choking part makes me nervous! I also need to do more research! We weren't planning on starting anything until 6 weeks, but I need to get a start on in since that's just a few weeks away now!