Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Pre-Christmas fun

Leading up to Christmas we had some fun times so I wanted to document those too!  My Christmas pictures are little spread out between my camera, my phone, Ike's phone, Rose and Ms. Susie.  So I am working to get it together.  Until then...
Uncle Chris was so great with Brant.
Playing with daddy
Making a Christmas ornament with Nana.
Meeting sweet Ty.
The boys

I so enjoyed getting to see these guys.  I miss this girl so much!
Brant's first present to open was from his cousin Kendal.
He loved it, but daddy and uncle Sam may have even loved it more.
More play time with uncle Sam and Uncle Chris
Inspecting uncle Sam's teeth.  He actually does this a lot to people.  Can be weird but may have a dentist here.

Loved playing with uncle Chris and the Ipad.  Uncle Chris quickly downloaded a game for Brant.
Reading with mommy.
The boys did a little hunting.
Sunday morning church together.

My side of the family ended up with the flu...hence their absence.  We made a trip back to celebrate with them once they were well.   

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