Friday, January 3, 2014

Brant's trip

A few weeks ago we had a scare with baby #2.  I was having some cramping and a good bit of bleeding.  I honestly would have assumed I was not pregnant if I had not already been to the doctor.  Ike and I rushed in to see the doctor again to be sure everything was ok.  We were able to see and hear that sweet heartbeat again.  The doctor said everything looked good, but I needed to get rest and take it easy.  Ms. Susie offered to keep Brant the week leading up to Christmas since we would be coming home that Friday.  I will admit that even though I knew it was what the doctor ordered especially with all we had to get done that week...I was reluctant.  I know a lot of mom's will look down on me for my decision to allow him to go.  BUT after much thought and prayer I decided we should let him go.  Ike and I had not even started shopping for Christmas (yes, the week before), and we really needed some time together.  We both believe our marriage is second to our relationship with the Lord, and is one of the best things we can give our children.  Plus we both really enjoy spending time together, and Brant has a blast being spoiled between the two sets of grandparents!  Here are some highlights of his visit!
First picture I get is Brant finishing off his teacake!
He took care of changing the calender for Christmas. 
Wagon riding at church
Eating a little Mexican food
We facetimed one night!  I think it made both of our nights!  Sweet boy!  We sure missed him!

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The Ruffins said...

You won't feel so guilty after the 2nd one. APPRECIATE the help and the fact that you have loving parents and in-laws who WANT to help you with your baby. That is a blessing. I was in your shoes before. But I agree that your marriage is 2nd to the Lord and it should be--that's the only way to keep it strong. You are a great mom! Don't let anything make you feel different. Love you!