Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Big brother!

I was so worried about how Brant would do with his transition to big brother.  I am just blown away with how well he has done!  People had told me that he would just know that Spence belonged to us, and he really did!  He loved him immediately!  We have been around other babies and as long as I was not holding them he didn't pay them much attention, but he was totally different with Spence!  Every single morning he gets up looking for Spence.  If we are in a group he is constantly pointing at Spence to be sure everyone sees him!  He loves to kiss and hug him (we spend a lot of time protecting Spence from so much love).  As far as being jealous I notice that he occasionally is in need of a little extra attention.  The first few days he started calling Ike "mama", and this about broke my heart.  Mommy guilt doubles as well.  Ike and I are so proud of how well our big boy has done in his new big brother role!  

So helpful!
Just had to get in the bed with him!
I think the love is mutual!
Wow...we are soo blessed!

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