Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Brant at 15 months

I wrote this 15 months post RIGHT before having Spence and I am so glad I did that! I am just now getting around to posting it though!  Brant turned 15 months June 22
- You are so observant. While you were napping one day we tried out a few colors in the foyer to decided what to use.  You woke up and went straight to those spots and started pointing and grunting, like what are those??  I also went to get my hair cut (I did get several inches cut off), but I didn't expect you to notice but you did!  I picked you up from aunt Molls and you immediately started looking at my hair and pulling at it like what happened?  You definitely got this from your daddy!
-This month you had your first (of many according to Ike, his way of calming me???) bloody nose.  You were running through the living room and totally face planted!  I was so thankful you didn't hit anything like the fireplace or toy box.  I relived the event a dozen times in my head, and then I would have to go to your room and check on you I would freak myself out.
-You are not interested in the TV.  It is rarely ever on when you are awake but occasionally I will turn it on in the mornings while I'm finishing up getting ready...no interest or no more than oh I would say 3 minutes which is totally fine.  However, your Aunt Amanda and Uncle Jason gave you a DVD player for riding.  It is in the truck because you are rarely in the except to school and home which is maybe 5 minutes.  Now every morning you point to the seat in front and grunt as if to say what's the deal?  I want to watch my show.
-You are obsessed with being on our bed.
-Starting to try and copy things we do.

You love the water and you are totally fearless!
This was a super fun month!  

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