Thursday, August 28, 2014

More of Spence

Spence was born in the middle of the week and we were not sure of his birth day until the week before so we did things a little different with him.  Instead of having everyone at the hospital when he was born we told everyone to come the weekend after his birth when we were sure he would have already arrived.  He did have some visitors at the hospital which we were so thankful for, but most came that weekend.  I loved it this way!  We had just enough visitors at the hospital to make me feel loved and not overwhelmed.  This way when the family was visiting I was home and slightly more conscious.  We also loved having a little time to spend with Spence and bond with him as well. 

Mimi and Papaw were ready to meet Spence!
Aunt Amanda
and Aunt Molls!

 Finally getting to hold him!

Dr. Reeves delivered Spence as well!  We feel like she one of our friends now after spending so much time with her over the past two years.

 Nana stayed at our house with Brant until Spence arrived then she brought him up to meet his brother
Nana and Spence

Dr. Byrd and his wife Mary from First Ridgeland
My 3 boys!!

Sweet Spence!
Brant was sweet!!  I thought he might be scared because of the cords and IV but definitely was not! 
Spence did not cry very much AT ALL!  The nurse even commented that he did not cry for shots or his little operation.  We knew our prayers had been answered!  He was very laid back and so sweet!  
Of course napping with daddy
Victoria and John daddy's coworker's came to visit
Our sweet friends the Miller's
I had friends tell me I would be so ready to leave the hospital this time around, and they were right!  I cried to stay an extra day with Brant, but this time I was ready to get home.

We did experience hungry Spence on the ride home.  So we had to stop and feed the baby!

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