Monday, September 8, 2014

Spence at 2 months

Spence our little chunky monkey!
You are such a sweet baby.  Here are a few highlights:
-You did "wake up" a little during month two.  I think you were having some stomach issues that we finally got worked out.  
-You are a quiet baby usually, but daddy and I agree you are the louder than your brother when you do finally get worked up.  
-You have started cooing and smiling at us.  This has won our hearts over again and again.  
-You also started attempting to bat at things.  
-Mostly sleep all day  
-This month your night time sleeping did get a little better.  You still wake up around midnight and then again around 4-5, but at least it is consistent. 
-Sleep well swaddled in the rock and play still
-like the swing, bouncer, and even a pallet on the floor, pretty content 
-Weighed 14lbs at the 2 month check up!!

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