Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Brant 21 months

Brant at 21 months...
Gosh, time seems to be just flying by.  Brant is talking so much more lately.  He keeps us laughing.  His favorite thing in the world to say is “no.”  And the way he says it is so matter of fact and of course, no can also mean yes from time to time.  At Christmas, Brant was opening all the presents and oooing and awing when he gets to a box full of clothes…  He opens the box looks at it and says nooo (shaking his head) and closes the box back.  We all died laughing!  The child is certainly not lacking in personality.  If he gets you to laugh he will continue to do the same thing over and over.  They always have a funny story for us when we pick him up.  
You would think Brant is not paying any attention to Spence, but he is!  If we are doing something that Spence is usually involved in like taking a bath or riding in the car that is the first Brant ask, “Spenth?”  with his little hands in the air questioning.  There have been a few times lately that Ike or I have gone in and Spence has a random toy that we know Brant had to bring him.  It really is so sweet.  One day he even had “Mater”, now that is love because that is Brant’s favorite.
Brant is following commands very well.  He loves for you to give him something and say go throw this away.  He also LOVES to help put the clothes in the dryer.  He stands there and I hand him items to put in.  The other day he wanted the deodorant so I handed it to him he took the top off and started attempting to put it under his arm.  He is definitely watching us, I was shocked!!!   We are working on the whining, we are asking him to use his words (Thanks, Jenifer for that one!).  Now he says and signs please most of the time when he wants something or I will say show mommy what you need and he will take my hand and lead me to it. 
He is telling us when he is shew wee.  He will pull on his diaper and tell us.  When you are change him he makes a sour face and says nasty.  He also gets that something is hot.  So if we give him something he will put his hand over it feel if it if hot and usually ask if it is ok.  He has started doing this with bath water.  I apparently got it too warm at some point because every night I have assure him it is cool.
The kid is a picky picky eater!  He will not eat anything he is not interested in, and don’t think you can sneak it in.  Like he loves yogurt so I try to sneak in fruit, he eats the yogurt and spits out the fruit!  He is a sweets person for sure…bring on the cake! 
He loves the movie “Cars”, especially Mater.  He has these little Maters that he has started carrying everywhere. 
Brant is such a sweet sweet boy!  We pray that he will use all of the personality and determination in him to serve the Lord.  We are so thankful the Lord entrusted us with such a sweet, funny little guy!!

This is the day that he wanted what Spence was having for lunch.

 Mickey Mouse was on the TV.... no time for a picture

This is the day we all had to wear bibs to school, me included....

Cuddling with daddy

Rarely sleeps in my arms anymore, so I am eating this up

At the ENT for a check up, signing please for the candy he saw in my purse

Wooo this thing moves??

Not a care in the world...sitting out the tornado warnings in the hall.

We are definitely in a "mommy phase"

 And lastly riding to school he found a paci...He hides these things and occasionally comes up with one.  But most of all notice the Maters....

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