Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Good Weekend...

Ike and had a great weekend. We started it off Friday eating supper with some good friends, and then heading back to play some games. This is my favorite game!!

It is not Ike's favorite game. I love games where you have to get other people to guess something, and Ike LOVES cards. So we did alittle of both. It was alot of fun and unfortunetly no pictures! :( Then Saturday afternoon Ike and I went to hang out with one of my roommates from college, Jen. She has been a missionary in Africa for the past 2 years, left right after Ike and I got married. Her friend from Canada was here visiting. So Saturday Jen's parents fried fish for us; it was delicious!! We really enjoyed hanging out talking and the boat ride. I have missed Jen! Sunday Ike was in the Patriotic service at church. We ate lunch and hung out with Andrews..Ike and Ms. Susie shelling peas, turns out I forgot how. Then we went to my sister's for supper. We met there since she is still recovering. We had alot of fun playing cards and eating all the food mom fixed. Our moms are so great, I really am going to do a post on them soon!

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