Sunday, July 11, 2010

All work...and some play!

Last week I HAD to go here....
Don't you feel sorry for me? And I got hang out with these fine people....We had our SPF SIG retreat at Tara Wildlife in Vicksburg, MS. This is something they do for us each year. It is a nice time of team building and relaxing. Then I came home to this....Poor Ike, this where he spent the weekend. He is taking 2 classes in July and they are alot work!! He has taken over my kitchen table! He only took one break and we went to our friends Connie and Derrick's for their little girl Lainey's birthday party.

Here is Ike and the birthday girl..

Ike playing the princess game with Lainey..Ike and the baby brother...Me and ConnieThen Ike was back at the homework so I went and spent the day at the pool with my sister..

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