Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Playing catch up...

This past week was really busy for us. It was Ike's last week of his June class. He got an A in the class!!! YAY! Let me just tell you I have the best husband in case I haven't mentioned that! He went with us Tuesday to the midnight showing of Eclipse! I can remember not too long ago when going to the midnight movie was not that big of a deal.. now it is a huge deal! Since we both had to work the next day. :) We came home ate supper and had to take a nap before the movie. It was fun though!
This is us all waiting for the movie to start, we had to get there around 10. I thought it would be mostly teenagers, but it was really not!
Wednesday my sister had a little suprise surgery, so I spent most of the day there with her. She did great and is recovering well!
What a week!

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