Monday, July 19, 2010

Roommate Reunion

Friday after work I made my way to south Mississippi for a partial roommate reunion. We had hoped it would be all 5 of us, but Emily has recently relocated and had to go back earlier than expected. Maybe one day! Friday night we went to Cresent City, and I think it may be my new favorite! YUM! One of the best parts of the trip....I got to meet this little man! This is Amanda and her husband Walter's first child, Walt. In college we wrote out a list of who would do what when, and we said Amanda would be the first to marry and the first have children. We are 2 for 2! Is he not precious!!!??Here we are with our newest Apt 7 member!
I always cherish anytime I get to spend with these girls and their families! We are so blessed to have been able to bond they way we did!

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Lydia said...

Crescent City is the best! That's where I send all our guests from the hotel. We love it! :)