Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Great news!

We got some FABULOUS news today!  My mom went in to have her internal radiation done.  The doctor said she did great.  He did an examination while she was asleep and there were no signs of the masses that were there before!!  She will have 2 more next week as a precaution, and she will have an operation for some of the side effects of the operation.  My aunt called to tell me this and I just started bawling (southern word for crying a lot)!  I have tried REALLY hard not to cry a lot during all of this, and I think it all that just came flooding out.  It was so good to hear my daddy sound like a new person!  The poor thing has been so stressed.  He has done an amazing job taking care of mom, but I know that he has been having a really hard time.  This whole thing has given me even more respect for my daddy!  I am just amazed at God!  His power & His faithfulness!  Thank you all for all your prayers we know this is a miracle!!!
My cousin sent this to me yesterday, she took this about a week before we found out mom had cancer.


Jenna said...

Praying for your mom! So glad that you guys got great news!

Happy Wednesday!

Laura Drewry said...

Awesome news!! God is SO good!!! :)