Friday, January 20, 2012

A whole bunch of Randomness

*Mom had her LAST radiation!!  She comes here first week of February for a check up!

*I am still adjusting to "busy" season (I guess Ike is too, ha since he is the one working all the hours :) ).  Ike works A. L.O.T.!  He has been out of town some, and this will probably happen more and more for both of us.  This past week he was suppose to be out of town and something happened and he got to stay home!  You would have thought it was Christmas all over again!  I was super excited!

*My friend from my old job, Molly got a job with me at the state!  I'm happy about this!

*Lately I have been doing better mentally with the whole idea of having a baby.  I feel like I have not been as negative and felt very hopeful.  BUT I have also wanted a baby, maybe more than ever.  I know it seems that it would have made me feel worse, but I think the Lord has used it to help me be excited.  I have also started a plan for reading the bible in a year, and spending that time in the word has no doubt changed my attitude.  I was talking to someone the other day about being in a relationship, and I ask the person," are you were you want to be to be in a relationship?"  This opened my eyes to how much I have put seeking the Lord on the back burner, and focused on all the stuff going on.  I LOVE the Lord, and I believe and have sooo much faith in Him!  For a while now I have not been actively seeking Him though.  I pray and occassionally would read a devotional, but really spending time getting to know Him has not been a priority.  I was convicted of how often I have a few seconds of "free time", and I will pull up my facebook app or pinterest when I could be pulling up the bible.  I started praying that God would give me a desire for His word, and He has!  I find myself getting excited to see what's next!  God has brought me to a good place!

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