Friday, December 6, 2013

8 months old!

Our sweet little boy is 8 months old actually on November 22, I'm running late with post. 

  • Weight:  Not really sure on this one.  I would guess 19 and some ounces.  You are wearing 9-12 month clothes.
  • Food:  It is amazing how your appetite picked up over night!  You love to eat.  You have had a good bit of "big people" food lately.  Bananas are your favorite but you love all fruit.  We learned at thanksgiving you also LOVE macaroni and cheese. You have not rejected any "big people" food though.  You are however not eating many of the veggie purees anymore. 
  • You love your sippy cup still, and you do have a favorite.  You can be particular.
  • You can't talk of course but you are excellent at communicating.  You let us know when you like or do not like something. 
  • You love to stand and walk.  You hate to sit or lay.  When we try to sit you on the floor you straighten out your little body and fuss, refusing to sit!  Very strong willed.  You can walk behind your little pushing toy and you have learned to move in the walker. 
  • So since you hate to lay you have not even attempted crawling.  You get really upset if you end up on your belly. 
  • I still say you are mr. personality!!  You LOVE people!  You are always smiling at everyone.  I have started picking you up to go with me to the grocery store because you are so good and you love looking at all the people and balloons.
  • Sleep is going great.  You have been going down pretty easily lately.  We did do a little crying it out, and you still may fuss some but not long at all. 
  • You have a tender heart, I can tell already.  You have a classmate that is adjusting to school and the other day you reached over and patted his leg.  I about died I was so proud of you.
  • You love to give us kisses!  It my favorite of the milestones!  I love picking you up in the afternoons to be greeted with a kiss. 
Here's the 8 month photo attempt!


The Jones Family said...

DYING at him patting his friend's leg when he was sad! What a sweet boy!!! Love him! <3

Chelley N said...

He's a cutie! Still waiting for details on the stocking post :-)