Thursday, December 5, 2013

Unexpected time at home

More to come on the previous post.

Sickness has been running ramped in our house lately.  The Friday before the week of Thanksgiving I come in to work, and one of my co-workers tells me his son has RSV.  Well of course it had crossed my mind that this maybe what was wrong with Brant, but had dismissed it.  I did have this nagging feeling that he may need to go in to the doctor though.  So I called and they said bring him in.  Yes, yes indeed he did have RSV.  This meant we did not leave the house the whole weekend!  He was still a happy boy, but coughing a lot and congested.  Luckily he did not have it bad enough for breathing treatments although they gave him one in the doctor's office and he took it like a champ no fighting me at all.  Around Sunday I started feeling terrible too.  I made it to Tuesday and I was in the doctor's office.  They were not sure what it was but treated me for strep because it looked like strep although I tested negative for it.  Apparently pregnancy and strep is not good at all so they couldn't take chances.  So basically Brant and I hung out at home all week.  Praise the Lord Ike did not get sick!

Our little monkey   

We moved to the big bath tub recently and he loves it.  This is only time being on his stomach is acceptable.

Just a little morning hair.

These two are working on a friendship still.  We are getting there.

I love this.  His paci was under the table so he made it under to get it but could not figure out how to get back.  He was not happy, and I of course needed a picture before I could help.

This is his favorite thing in the entire world...standing.  He loves to pull up on anything and "walk".  He would walk around holding our fingers ALL day. 

I enjoyed the extra time at home with Brant.  This sweet boy is growing soo fast....

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The Ruffins said...

Love it so much!!! He gets more handsome every time I see your pictures!! Love you! And I can't wait to find out what baby #2 is!!!!!!!!!