Friday, May 8, 2009

Disney Day 3

Day three we went to Magic Kingdom. As a little girl I absolutely LOVED Cinderella. I ask my parents to read this to me every single night...I was so excited to learn that Mackenzie loved her just as much! I could not wait to see her castle!!! I get excited just writing about it! It was just as lovely as I imagined! Below is me first seeing the castle!!!! thank you Josh for capturing this moment! :)Magic Kingdom was so neat. It really did make you feel like a little kid again. There was a parade, I can't for the life of me remember the name (I'm sure Jenifer will remember for her blog) but we loved it. We got to get in the streets with all the characters and dance. I do remember they were playing the song "It's the time of your life". SO FUN! Of funny story I bet Jenifer tells it too....We saw Cinderella's step mother and sisters...they were taking pictures with people. So Josh and Jenifer were going to let Mackenzie have her picture made. NO WAY was she having it. She held on so tight to me and started saying, "NO, Mean lady!!!". It was nuts she recognized them and remembered! Magic Kingdom had lots of fun things the Bear show (I'm terrible with names), Splash Mountian, Mickie and Minnie's house! Unfortunely Space Mountian was closed till Winter boo...I hear it is good too. We also got some excellent hot dogs that day ...and ice cream! OH and best of all I got to meet Cinderella and Mackenize and I got our pictures made with her! Aurora and Belle were there too of course! :) Fun fun fun day! That night was good.. we ate at the resort and went out to the pool. Jenifer didn't pack her swim suit no plans of swimming...haha and it was too cold for me. The boys and the babies didn't seem to mind! Then we headed back to the hotel...Jenifer, Josh, and Mackenzie stayed up to watch the piano player, but Ike and I are old so we headed to bed. Something is wrong with us we are tired all the time...maybe we will start taking vitamins!

The babies swimming!

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