Friday, May 8, 2009

Disney Day 1

*Some Pictures will be repeats from Jenifer's Blog ...sorry:) Sunday after the wedding we loaded up with the Jones' and headed to Disney World! We drove over night (ok really Josh and Ike, Jenifer, and Mackenzie slept!). We got there about 7ish Monday morning. That day we decided to go to Epcot. Josh and Ike (and me sort of :)) were still recovering alittle from the drive so we did not see all of Epcot BUT we did get to have our pictures made with some of the characters which was really fun! Mackenzie was the most fun to watch! She went up and hugged on the characters as long as her mom and dad were close! Minnie just loved her and her clothes!! Ike was like are you seriously going to make me take a picture with all these characters...OF COURSE i was! I know he secertly loved it! Below... I love this haha...Donald wanted Ike to get out so he could have a picture with just me..
However...Goofy loved Ike and above he kicked me with that big ol' shoe! :)

We learned that day that Disney was trying to be a "healthier Disney"... me and Jenifer ended up with breakfast leftovers...YUCK. I think it must have just been Epcot because every other park had all the hamburgers, hot dogs, and pizza we wanted! My favorite thing at Epcot was probably the trip through the big golf ball (or meeting the characters). I thought that was really neat. We didn't make it to the countries or the coke place, maybe next time! I think I would like those.
So we left Epcot alittle early, I forgot to mention it was alittle rainy too, we decided to go back to the resort take a nap (sorry Jenifer!)... This is Mackenzie seeing "Meno"...Ike loved hearing her say that!
That night we headed to Downtown Disney. The resort we stayed at had a boat that came to pick us up and would take us to Downtown. I loved the boat! I also really like Downtown Disney! It is such a fun atmosphere! We walked around to all the shops and ate supper (never been so happy to have McDonalds) fun!

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Josh, Jenifer, and Mackenzie said...

I want to go back! Even if it means 5 naps a day I want to go back! ;)