Friday, May 8, 2009

Day 4--Tower of Terror

Oh my is all I have to say...this ride deserves its own post!! As I mentioned I am terrified of heights, I mean being on a ladder makes me nervous! Ok so all I could think about was getting that ride behind me! I knew I would have to do it, Ike absolutely LOVES those kinds of rides...which he confessed to Josh that he really enjoys watching the people that he rides with most of all...Josh confirmed that he married the right person! OH MY! So let me please describe this event for you....First of all I got alittle sick before entering the ride...nerves! We go in and I'm freaking out! My heart is beating unbelievably fast, I won the pulse test Jenifer did on me and Josh, who is also alittle uneasy about this ride and is scared of heights! In line we are debating seating on the front row which I was completely OPPOSED where do we sit FRONT ROW! EW.. Ok so you go in and there are seats like in a movie theater with seat belts WHAT....were are the things that go over our shoulders???? So I freak out more...I insist that Adam and Ike sit on either side of me...I sit down and there is not a thing for me to hold on to...I grab Ike's hand (which is still recovering) and ask Adam if he thinks Samantha will mind if I borrow his arm, (thanks Samantha)...he said she wouldn't and that he was alittle scared too.... Ok the ride starts I am prepared for up and down...not what happens...sorry to spoil it for those of you have not been on it...but it takes you on a little ride before it DROPS YOU MULTIPLE TIMES! The whole time I am holding on to Ike and Adam for dear life and screaming to the top of my lungs! Then I yell that I hate Ike (as loud as I can) and then Josh says, "I hate you too, Ike", and Adam is going "oh man, oh man..." We got off and the picture was priceless! Ike and Jenifer are laughing their heads off and we will not report on the rest of us! Fun times! :)

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