Friday, May 8, 2009

Disney Day 2..

The second day we went Animal Kingdom! I love love love Animal Kingdom. We started off with the Dinosaur ride...interesting ride! Then the boys ran to grab some fast passes to Everest. Jenifer, Mackenzie, and I headed over to an area that looked like a little fair. We all three rode this ride that is a dinosaur you sit in and it goes around in a circle and you go up in the air and down again and the car tilts forward and back, and you control this. I have to admit I was little scared at first (I don't like heights), but Mackenzie seemed to love it! After that Ike and I rode Everest which is a new roller coaster there! We both really liked this roller coaster...probably one of my favorites ever! Then we meet up and went to lunch and the Lion King show which was really neat! I loved the music! It was fun watching Mackenzie do the the little tusk for the wart hog! too cute! Then Ike and I got to take Mackenzie to"A Bug's Life" which is like a little 3-d show...she liked it all except at one point your seat squirts water at you...Let's just say we agreed that was not necessary!We also did the safari ride which I think we all really liked! It is amazing how close you get to the animals. So to finish off the day, Ike, and Josh head over to the Kali river ride....I have never gotten so wet on a ride in my life. I will say though it was worth it I really liked this ride! BUT do it last! That night we meet up with Adam, Samantha, and Kolton Bragg. They were Jenifer and Josh's friends in Valdosta. They are super sweet! Ike and I both really enjoyed spending time with them and getting to play with Kolton!

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