Tuesday, May 5, 2009


So as most of you know we just recently got back from Disney World with the Jones' Family! We are so thankful for the chance to go and spend time with them! The Disney World post are coming I promise just may take me a little while. But I thought this was the appropriate post to start out those... Ike and I are so lucky to have been able to be so close to Mackenzie! She is such a precious child (must have good parents)! She does and says the funniest things and is such an animated child! While we all loved Disney World I think mostly we LOVED seeing Mackenzie! In line at Disney a lady ask if I was her aunt...such a proud moment for me...I just smiled and said, "yes I am". Thank you Jenifer and Josh for letting us be Unk Ike and Aunt Bandy :)


Josh, Jenifer, and Mackenzie said...

:) So glad she has y'all in her life! She's one blessed little girl to have such awesome people who love and care about her. You know that's the case when you cried as much if not more than I did over a bump on the noggin! ;) We love y'all!!

Samantha said...

You guys are SO awesome with her! She really loves her Aunt Brandy and Uncle Ike!