Friday, May 8, 2009

Disney Day 4

This day we went to Hollywood studios. We got see Playhouse Mickey live...I don't think any of us saw the show for watching Mackenzie...she absolutely loved it! It was really cute she danced and clapped the whole time! I think she was the perfect age to go! Rockin rollercoaster was next which we all loved. Sorry we didn't get to do it again...Ike got sick he would never admit it but I think Tower of Terror hurt his neck which always gives him a terrible headache! Next time? :) We all really loved the Beauty and the Beast Show! It was one of my favorites! The music and dancing all so great! Then the great movie ride...which was really neat going through all the old movies! I hate we had to leave this park early we missed alot and never did get our picture in front of the hat! :( Later that night Jenifer and Josh had a great idea and were all going to eat at Joe's crab shack. While Mackenzie is taking a bath she stands up and falls and hits her head in the tub. There was immediately a huge goose egg. We were all so worried. Josh tried to call a few people that may know what to do and with no luck he calls the resort and they send over a paramedic. He tells them it is their of course you can't take chances so they head to the ER we all follow them to Celebration hospital...which no Mickie and Minnie were not there, you would think they would be right? Let's just say the ER took their time as usual....poor little Mackenzie 4 hours and 2 CAT scans later we are own our way home with a peace of mind that she is ok! Thank you, Jesus! On the way home we stop at McDonald's after passing the bungee swing from our senior is a little recap. For Senior trip we went to Orlando...Ike and few others bungee swing together. Then I begged Jenifer and Chris Wilkins to go with me...ok finally they agree...we get up there they strap us in and my fear kicks in I freak out and start crying they let me out...thank goodness! So although I really hated that Mackenzie got hurt and the ER was ewww frustrating...I was so thankful that we did not end up at Joe's which was right in front of the swing because I know I would have ended up on it! :)

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