Friday, June 3, 2011


April is a month of birthdays for us! This year my sweet daddy turned the big 5-0!! :) We had supper at our house to celebrate!!!

Ike and I both celebrated our 28th birthday. It's crazy I can remember my mom and dad turning 28! Funny how age changes things....This is one of my birthday presents from my sister..

I could not have been more excited! Who would have thought you could get so excited over a trash can! We have a trash can actually we have had several trash cans. We are not sure what the deal is with the garbage men, but apparently they take out their frusration on our trash can. So EVERY time they knock the wheels off. You know what that means, I usually end up CARRYING it to the road. NO it's not far, but I'm usually dressed for work, in heels and it is HEAVY and stinks which = unhappy Thursdays!! ewe! So far this one is holding on! Next I will blog about May!

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