Friday, June 10, 2011

Cruise to Mexico

We made it through the last full semester of school and to celebrate we went on our anniversary cruise the first week in May, and we LOVED it! We had heard they are addictive and I can see why! It has to be the most relaxing vacation I have ever been on, and I gained every pound I lost before! Some of favorites: the food, how every time you leave your room they make the bed, ports, towels, chocolates, oh and food! It was so nice not to have anything to distract us! So we have to admit we learned something about ourselves...we LOVE each other and LOVE spending time together, but there is a limit to just how much we can take. Plus we just love hanging out with friends :) We went down to Mobile on Saturday afternoon so before we ever boarded the boat we had 2 days of just us time (which was SO fun). However day one on the boat was alittle touchy :). I am ready to lay out, get sun and read my book. Ike on the other hand is ready to explore, workout (ew yes on vacation), and nap. He ask every 5 minutes what time is it....
Here we are attempting to take pictures of ourselves, not cool. :) On Tuesday night we see a couple from our table taking pictures with the photographer. I decide that maybe I should see if they want us to take their picture since the cruise charges 20 bucks at least, and the rest is history the four of us spent the rest of the cruise hanging out! We loved this couple. They were extremely laid back and soo much fun! We hope to cruise together in the future. They took our picture too of course, and Jenny learned fast that I LOVE pictures! I had to teach her you take your camera to EVERYTHING! Sorry Josh!Our first day out in Mexico. In Cozumel we spent the day on the beach and did a little snorkeling and kayaking. AND Jenny and I laid on the beach and got sun! (right Jenny! :)
Getting off the boat.... The place were we spent the day had a few pools also! Look how beautiful!This is our dining room table every night we really enjoyed getting to know all of these people. So cool how they sit you with people in your life stage. All in our 20's, married about 1 month-3 years, no kids. It was alot of fun!We liked the shows alot too! Favorite: the marriage game! So funny!The next day we spent in Calica. We all pretty much laid around in the sun. Expect for Ike and I rode jet ski's with another couple from our table Braxton and Kristina. It was a neat experience, but I will admit I was scared! We dressed UP every night! I told Ike we never get this opportunity. And yep I have him matching me! Can't look awkward for our pictures! And I made Ike take tons of pictures!! :) It just something I like to do, and he likes to make me happy!Our new best friends! It is crazy how close you can get in a week!The last day was a boat day...And then our last night..We were really sad to leave! We had so much fun! Thanks Josh and Jenny the trip would not have been the same without you guys!

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Vanessa said...

Looks like you guys had a blast! I think Lucas and I might have to go on a cruise to meet some of these couples w/no kiddos that you are talking about :) Love all the pics and I pointed out to Lucas how you and Ike are matching in almost every pic. Too cute :)