Thursday, June 16, 2011

Our poor baby!

This baby has been extra needy lately. We had 2 nights in a row where every time he laid down he would get sick. Ike and I were both up most of the night that first night. I told Ike it was a little taste of having a baby. We love our sleep so we know that will be a big adjustment for us. Monday, Buster had doctor visit every thing looked fine and he got up to date on all his shots. Last night right before bed he started acting really weird. He wasn't interested in playing, keep trying to go to bed, and refused to go outside. Again I was up with him last night. We have figured out that it is his leg. He cries if you touch it. He was attached to Ike all morning. Vet seems to think it is a spasm, and it will work out on it's own. Poor little guy! I hate not being able to anything to help him feel better. It just breaks our heart when he is sick.

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Emily said...

bless his heart!!!! poor thing! and how strange that the vet didn't pick up on it at the first visit????? it IS a good taste of a husband wanted a baby right when we got married and I said he needed to raise a puppy first. It was GREAT practice ;)