Saturday, June 11, 2011

Jen's wedding!

One of my roommates from college, Jen got married in June. She was a missionary in Africa for 2 years and while she was there she met the man of her dreams. The funny thing is he was only there for a short visit. His brother was living in Africa and Jen had became good friends with him and his wife. So while Warren was visiting he met Jen. They had one conversation, but something about her got his attention they started emailing and eventually talking on skype. He came to visit about this time last year, and it has been love every since. God is amazing! I am always blown away by His perfect will in His perfect timing! Warren is Canadian so Jen has relocated BIG time. In college we always joked Jen would marry a foreigner, but Canada never crossed our minds! Ike and I were so honored to be a part of such a special day! And I just ate up the time I got spend with the girls! I can never say enough what these girls mean to me. I am so glad that all the boys are able to hang out and have became friends as well. I LOVE these picture! It is perfect!This is the most recent #7 family picture-We have certainly grown! :)Me and the Bride! The girls! The guysThe group, missing Addie and Liza they were partied out. Such a fun weekend!! Maybe we will get to do this again next summer huh Meg? :)

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Brad, Amy, Bes and Mae said...

Jen wins the award for cutest bridesmaids dresses ever! Love those!! Y'all looked precious!