Saturday, June 11, 2011

Memorial day weekend

Memorial day weekend we went to the beach with the Winklepleck's. Stacie's family has a condo down there, and they were so sweet to invite us to spend the weekend with them. We all seem to have the same idea about vacation. We laid around on the beach, did some fun activities, and we ATE! I will go ahead and share one of the fun activities. Ike has been DYING to go para sailing. I am terrified of heights so I have been putting it off. We did it though. I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

Getting on the boat...The boat ride itself was an adventure. I had never ridden a boat in the ocean, and it was really really bumpy. According to Rob it was a mild day though.

Ok here we are getting ready to take off, can you tell I'm so excited! So while we are up in the air our deck guy and others thought it would be so funny to send this up to me...I totally freaked out, but did not flap my arms!! Then he proceeds to shake the rope! Not nice at all! We survived and it was fun. Ike can check that off his bucket list.

We even took a few pictures on the beach. This was Rob's favorite part of the whole trip! Thanks for being a trooper Rob.
Then out to eat! Yum. I am sad I didn't get a picture of Stacie and her crab legs. I think she went to the beach mostly for those :)Putt-putt! It was fun and we will not discuss scores the end. :

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