Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Monday morning on Tuesday!

Talk about feeling like a Monday (yes, I know it’s Tuesday!). It has been a crazy day already! I did not wake up in time to go workout, but Ike did so of course he left way earlier than me. It was storming like crazy so I spent an extra few minutes in bed. Which unfortunately put me in a rush…So picture this I’m wearing flip flops (because of the rain) carrying my work bag, heels, purse, water bottle, and breakfast. Yes, I could have made more than one trip but who wants to do that. I open the garage, pull the door shut and it hits me… my keys are laying right there on the counter! YEP! Luckily, I did have my phone. What a Tuesday!  Ike was very sweet and came home and let me in. I will spare you the picture of my disaster hair from testing all the windows to be sure the are locked which of course they are because I’m obsessed that they be locked, and my beautiful face because I cried and had not make-up left…What a mess! I would like to say at our old house we had a key hidden for 3 years and not one time did I need it! GEEZ!
We did however have a very fun weekend! My sister and her husband Jason came for a visit! We were glad to see them, its weird going from seeing them everyday to not seeing them for a month. My sister and I shopped a lot and Jason and Ike fished and watched football. Saturday we went to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the State game, and it was a so fun!! They have trivia going on during the game which I loved. I was worried that since we don’t drink it would not be great but I loved it! There are about 30 TV’s with all kinds of different ballgames! Tailgating and being at the game are the best but this will do when we can’t make it! We also went bowling which I am not always a fan of (because I'm a sore loser), but I enjoyed it this time.   I’m so glad we got to spend time with Amanda and Jason.

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