Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Birthdays and friends

Ike and I both had great birthday's!  We celebrated Ike's by eating leftovers and watching American Idol.  I think he enjoyed it!   
This year I was out of town on my birthday.  The bureau I work in puts on a conference every year.  I have always attended this conference, but this was my first time to be a part of putting it on.  It was a totally different experience which is a lot more work, but so much fun.  This is mostly due to the fact that I have some awesome co-workers!  We are all in a "birthday club".  We pay 5 dollars a month and then on your birthday you get treated to a meal and gift.  Since my birthday fell during the conference we went out to eat to celebrate.  I loved it! 
Here is all the birthday club members from our bureau (there are a few more BC members that were there but not in this picture).  My birthday was great.  They helped me to enjoy it.  Next year maybe Ike can come down for my birthday too (hint hint, Ike). 
This is what I walked into in my hotel room.  My sweet friend and roomie, Molly had decorated for me!

I forgot to mention in my previous post that on Saturday night we got to hang out with some of our friends from home, the Hindman's and the Davis'.  When we left Ike said his stomach hurt from laughing so much, and this is always the case.  We miss you guys terribly (especially since we have no friends here :))!!  I complained the whole night about not having any friends, and they were a great reminder that in time we will make some new couple friends that we both click with.  This part of moving is tough.  Thanks for a fun night! 


The Davis Daily said...

I'm SO SO glad y'all spent part of your precious time at home with us!! We love spending time with all y'all and the Hindman's!!

Lauren and Nick Miller said...

Hey Brandy! I didn't get an email...maybe you have the wrong one? Anyway, my cell is 601-405-5505. Text me & tell me a good time to give you a call & we can talk. We are headed to Birmingham now for a training event, but we'll be back tomorrow night, so anytime after that is good for me!