Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Story of my life

I know this is a very vain thing, and I know I'm not overweight, BUT I'm uncomfortable. 
When I saw this I found it most amusing!  This is the story of my life lately!  I showed it to Ike, and I said, "does that not sound like me?".  He said, "No, you don't cry, you get mad and throw things!"  SO TRUE!  I can not stand the scale these days!  I know it is my own fault (but I blame the whole pregnancy roller coaster).  Oh well...I find it extremely difficult not to go out to eat for lunch.  Almost everyone in my office goes out to eat, and it's like middle school, I feel left out. :)  AND I really do enjoy working out, but really who has time besides my husband who goes before work.  I have this dream every week that I will get up and go with him...not happened in a long time.  So I'm mostly just venting...I am hoping to do better this week, but let's be honest it's Ike's birthday week so we must celebrate!  Anyhoo...Maybe next week.....

However, in relation to the above.  I did go back to the doctor this month, and we got some good news... NO MORE CYST!  Praise the Lord!  So we were able to start the fertility meds (which I am not sure but I do believe have contributed to the uncomfortable constantly bloated feeling.).  I am trying really hard to just stay relaxed, and remember that these are not a sure thing.  Hopeful, but I'm not guaranteed to be pregnant at the end of the month.  I am trying to be realistic. :)  All of your prayers are welcomed :) 


Katie and Monroe Campbell said...

Hey! I have been following your blog since Kelly's Korner had the link up about infertility. I feel you on this one, in fact I had tears in my eyes the entire way to work this morning. This pregnancy roller coaster and PCOS had caused me to gain 35 pounds. We are starting fertility meds for the first time this month as well. Just know that we will get our bodies back, it might just be after baby :) but it will be so worth it. Praying!!!

Emily said...

No point in losing weight if you will be gaining it right back anyway ;). Prayingfor you that your blessing of a baby will be soon!!!