Thursday, April 26, 2012

Reminiscing and update on mom!

Ms. Susie works for a company called Weyerhaeuser, and they take part in an event here in Jackson called Waterfest.  So she was here for that this past weekend.  Ike and I were able to eat with her and a few of her co-workers which was highly entertaining.  We ate at Bonefish!  This place is special to Ike and I because this where we went for our first date.  So just for fun….
                          6 years later!

Our first date!

My mom came Sunday night, and stayed with us because she had her first check up here.  It was a good checkup.  She is still a ways from back to her normal self, but miles from where she was so we are VERY excited about that.  Ike and I went home a few weeks ago, and she made a big breakfast for us and I could tell then she was getting back to herself.  We are just continuing to pray for healing, and we are so thankful for how far the Lord has brought her.

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