Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Past few weekends

**I am sorry for the crazy spacing blogger will not let me change it!

The weekend before last Ike's mom and little brother came to spend some time with us.  We loved having them there with us.  Ike and I love living here, but we are still adjusting to be so far from our families again.  We tried to fill every second they were there!
Ike and Sam went bike riding while Ms. Susie and I shopped (of course)

Buster was uncooperative. We were in the backyard and he was far more interested in the squirrels

I love this picture and if you know these boys you know what's going on here!
Now this past weekend we went home for a birthday celebration!!!  While we may not have yet been blessed with children of our own children; Josh and Jenifer have been so sweet to allow us to be invovled in their children's lives.  We love our sweet neices.  Mackenzie and I have a special connection we have the same birthday.

Here we are with the birthday Girl! She had a rainbow party that was too cute!

We love these guys!


Jenna said...

Looks like you guys had a great couple of weekends! :)

The Jones Family said...

Peyton's face in that picture is KILLING me. Is that a Josh Jones look or what!? Geez.