Thursday, August 15, 2013

Success school

Ike and I spent last weekend in Texas at Success School for Advocare.  This was our first one, and we had such a great time and learned so much!!  We have always been huge believers in the Advocare products!  We immediately saw a change in our lives when we started using them.  Ike was in desperate need of energy, and this was an answer to the problem.  For me, I started taking the products shortly after having Brant and immediately lost most of my baby weight (and I had gained a big ol’ 50lbs, and barely any came off after delivery) and I felt great!  Success School really opened my eyes to what this business could do for our family financially!  We were impressed with the company itself.  I believe the people who are successful in this business love the Lord and make Him the top priority for their families.  It was impressive and inspiring.  We are thankful for our friends Nick and Lauren for spending time with us to encourage us in our business and life in general.   Anyone interested can look here or email me 
We did miss this little guy!  But no worries...He was having the time of his life being spoiled by many!  He spent the weekend at my sister's house and got to visit with Mimi, Papaw, Mamaw & Papaw Crews, Aunt Nina, Ashley, Aunt Sherry & John.  Rotten!  

Sunday afternoon, Amanda took him to Ms. Susie's where he got more love and attention!  She took him to bible study, silver sneakers at the Y, and the Rutherford's where more spoiling took place!

It is so nice to be able to leave him and know he is in great hands!  We are so thankful that not only are both of our families excitedly willing to keep and love on him, but they also put up with me and my crazy "schedule requirements".  He came home like nothing had changed.  I was sooo worried he would get off routine and stop sleeping through the night, but nope!  He did perfect!  I'm sure this was the first of many years of meeting in Louisville!

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