Tuesday, August 13, 2013

We are buying house # 2.

Things have been busy!  We are in the house buying process!  We have finally made a decision.  Our rental house has been great for the past two years, and really there has been no hurry to move.  BUT now that Brant is here things have changed.  Before the hour to and from work was no big deal.  Now, I can hardly stand knowing that time is being wasted that we could be spending with him everyday!  So Brant spent several months looking at houses with us.  We went back and forth...do we buy our forever house and have a little tighter budget OR do we buy a house that we could live in for 8-10 years and be more comfortable?  We went with the second option, and I must say I'm glad we did.  We are pretty excited about the location of the new house.  It is 2 minutes from Brant's daycare.  This is a blessing because have I mentioned this baby HATES the car seat.  I mean screams from the time he gets in till we get to daycare, home or he wears himself out and goes to sleep. It is also very close to Ike's work and a lot closer to mine.  Win win win!  We can't wait.
Ike and I were so thankful Ms. Susie came to visit so we could get some things packed.  And I DID get a picture of Brant and Nana this time!!  It may be one of my absolute favorites of Brant!  Look at that smile.
Below is just more of the many faces of Brant...This baby is so much fun to watch.
My sweet boys watching some TV.
I'm so in love with these two


Fred Mull said...

I think it's smart that you went with the second option. There's much more money involved in buying a house apart from making the purchase itself, so you can't really go with one that can potentially put you in a tight spot. And with Brant around, it's better to be financially comfortable. -Fred @ M.R.S. Commercial Real Estate Consulting

Genny said...

I believe that it's a very practical choice. What's the point of aiming for the best when it's gonna make life inconvenient, when you can settle for a temporary house while you're saving up for a permanent one? I'm pretty sure you wouldn't regret this decision. Genny@Dallas Churchill Mortgage

Levi Ervin said...

Babies do change everything as their needs become the top-priority. And in my opinion, it’s never wise to spend so much time away from them as they grow up. I assume you’re now done with the house-buying process. Could you show us more about house no.2? Levi @ Virginia.ChurchillMortgage.com