Friday, August 16, 2013

5 on Friday!

I am linking up with 5 on Friday to share 5 bits of randomness! 
ONE- We are so excited we get to spend some time with our little guy this weekend!  The weeks can get hard since we don't get to spend as much time with him.  I do see more of him than Ike though.  Poor thing last night he persuaded me to let Brant sleep with us.  I know this is because he felt like he had not seen much of him, but we got a good thing going here ya know?  I caved of course, I felt so bad for him.  This usually only last a few hours then Brant has squirmed enough that Ike's ready for him to go back to his bed. 

Two-  I'm pretty sure Brant is getting a tooth.  He is chewing on everything he can, mostly those little fingers.  He had a rough night Wednesday, and I'm pretty sure it was teething related.

Three- We get a lot of mixed feelings on who Brant looks like even among ourselves.  I think different expressions he looks like me, and he has my profile definitely.  BUT those eyes, they are his daddy's!  I was actually trying to take a picture of his gums here, but his sweet eyes stood out.

Four-I'm ready to MOVE!!!  We have a ton to do the next few weekends to get ready for it, but I am really looking forward to it.
Five-Things have changed for our little fur baby.  Bless his heart.  Before and during my pregnancy people would tell me that Buster would become a dog after the baby got here, and I hated that.  I was certain this would never happen.  He had been the baby for 5 years.  Now, I will say he's still our baby and we love him dearly but...things have changed.  I hate it I really do, but he has taken on more of a dog role in our family.  He is however a very loved dog.  He is spending the month with his Aunt Amanda.  It was not planned but has turned out well since we are busy packing.  His almost non-existent attention would have been zero!  He's having a blast, but I do miss him.  Yesterday I dropped some food and almost walked away because I am so used to him just taking care of that.  He is ALWAYS right beside me.  He is a sweet puppy, and I can't wait for him and Brant to be the best of friends.  Brant already thinks he is so funny!

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