Monday, August 26, 2013

5 months!

 Here is our little 5 month photo shoot!  To most these pictures all look the same but to the momma and daddy they are all very different and impossible to pick from!

You just keep getting more and more fun!  This month has been my favorite!  You have the sweetest personality, but are also very strong willed.  We laugh because if you want or don't want to do something there is no changing your mind already!  You love touching our faces. You absolutely love to be outside.  Sometimes it is the only way to calm you down when you get too tired.  You require your sleep although you fight it.  Baths are still a favorite.  I am dying to give you more food.  I can tell you will love it.  You haven't made any real strides in rolling over.  You have and can, but you don't do it much.  I do believe crawling is going to happen soon. A tooth has made it's way through.  We are struggling with these teeth.  It is break our hearts knowing they hurt you.  (Sophie is on the way, from Aunt Amanda and Uncle Jason).  Your feet are your FAVORITE thing right now.  You are very observant and seem to always be examining everything.  You love the walker and jumper.  Really anything that you are up right and not laying down.  You are wearing 6-9 months and weighed 16lbs 11 oz at the doctor.  You are talking a ton.
Your daddy and I are just totally eat up with you!  That is the first thing he says to me, "how's my baby, or what's my baby doing?"  I pray you two will be very close.  We love you to the moon and back sweet boy!
Mommy and Daddy


Chelley N said...

A tooth already?!? Wow! He's a doll!

Megan said...

So cute! Love his little hair do :)